Elevating Biomechanics Coaches™ and Biomechanics Trainers™ To Connoisseur Levels

As Biomechanics Coaches™ and Biomechanics Trainers™ we have a truly remarkable and unique toolkit to help solve frustrating problems for our clients so we can serve them in a much bigger way.

However, coaches sometimes see the toolkit as being something separate to their core fitness or exercise discipline, and therefore struggle to effectively and seamlessly integrate things together with their clients.

We can also sometimes struggle to effectively communicate the benefits of biomechanics coaching skills in ways that are meaningful to our clients.

But most importantly, a lot of the information has moved forwards since your training and Our Discovery Day will give you completely new and extremely relevant, applicable and up-to-date knowledge to achieve even better results.

However we also offer a totally separate 2-Day Biomechanics Coach/Trainer Masterclass, where you will learn:

  • Which of your Biomechanics screens and corrective exercises you ACTUALLY need in order to solve really frustrating, persistent client problems,
  • Why it is that sometimes the screens can give us strange and/or inconsistent results,
  • Why it is that the corrective exercises sometimes do not work, and why clients sometimes struggle with them,
  • How to apply a new problem solving mindset and pioneering new models and tools to cope with this and other frustrating setbacks,
  • How to smooothly integrate the tools into your primary discipline, and also
  • How to effectively utilise other allied professionals to make your biomechanics knowledge and skills even more powerful.

You will also learn:

  • Amazing additional “layers of knowledge” to really boost your biomechanics coaching, answering lot of the often-asked questions and elevating you and your Biomechanics Coach™ and Biomechanics Trainer™ tools to another level entirely.

Interested in having an exploratory chat?

So, if you are a Biomechanics Coach™ or Biomechanics Trainer™ and you would like an initial exploratory chat, then please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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