Total Proactive Integration – The Exercise Perspective 2

That was a HUGE list of very common and often used exercises I posted about in Part 1 of this Blog!

And yes, YOU can check and test to see if a given client should or should not be doing any of these.

It ALL comes down to the statement:

“It’s not how we move, it’s how we are moving.”

To get the best set of exercises for a given client we need to understand how their body is stacked up inside, to enable them (or not as the case may be) to perform specific exercises on specific muscles and also to perform every-day “functional” movements.

Sometimes we can SEE what’s going on, but in very many instances (the majority actually) we can’t.

What we CAN SEE can deceive us, into thinking something is OK (or not OK) or what the REAL problem actually is and hence we can very easily be sent down the wrong path.

A classic example of this is a postural assessment. This is fraught with deceptions.

But there are loads of things we CANNOT see, such as:

– What physiological states given sets of muscles are in right now?

– Whether the pelvis is moving correctly,

– And many more…

And this information WILL define what the body is capable of and hence what that body should be doing right now.

This is why specialist understanding, knowledge and skills are needed to determine all this.

BUT ANY fitness, exercise or movement professional can learn to do this.

And when integrated with some brand new specialist hands-on skills – our own or another professional’s – we can do EVEN more.

Combining specialist exercise, movement AND hands-on soft tissue skills is MASSIVELY powerful in terms of determining what a body IS capable of today and what it is advisable NOT to do today.

And the word CAPABLE is crucial here – or as we now say – BODY CAPACITY.

There are many potential implications of not taking Body Capacity into account when deciding on exercise, movement or indeed soft tissue/massage interventions.

But every single fitness, exercise or movement professional can do this,

And every single hands-on soft tissue specialist can do this.

And that’s pretty well every single amazing specialist in the Group!

Bring these truly exceptional skillsets TOGETHER and the possibilities are far greater than the sum of the parts.

And it completely changes the perception that our clients have around what we can DO for them.

That has to be a good thing … yes?

Breaking down the stereotypical perceptions and barriers in our industry,

And at the same time achieve EVEN GREATER results for our clients.

Plus, those professionals with these skills can design truly joined-up solutions and charge more for them!


Part 3 of this Blog can be found HERE
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