Powering Industry Change

A Blueprint For Proactive Integration and Joined-Up solutions

A transformational blueprint presenting how fitness, exercise, movement therapy, physical therapy and manual therapy professionals are vital players in a much bigger picture than they currently realise, allowing them to:

- Be more successful,
- Stand out from their competition,
- Get even better results and
- Make more money by opening up brand new income streams

Through proactive integration and joined-up, cross-discipline client solutions.

Blueprint Introduction

In this blueprint I present some really significant challenges facing the fitness, exercise, movement therapy, physical therapy and manual therapy industry that are actually holding PT’s, Pilates specialists and massage / soft tissue therapists back in terms of their businesses, their success and their results, including holding back integration and joined-up solutions.

I go on to present some proven alternative ways of looking at things – both in terms of how these professionals can work with their clients and also where professionals fit into a much bigger picture – which, if embraced have been shown to lead to key solutions to some of the challenges I present, which then facilitate better results as well as opening up exciting new business opportunities and income streams for fitness, exercise, movement therapy, physical therapy and manual therapy professionals, whether they work alone or with other allied professionals. 

Everything I present here is fully evidence based – evidence compiled over many years and by many people. And this vital work continues today.

I personally developed and subsequently applied everything I discuss here myself when I ran a soft tissue rehab clinic in a private gym and was frustrated by not always getting the results I wanted for my clients and I didn’t understand why. 

I was applying everything I had be taught and learned up until that point, but it wasn’t enough - some things simply didn’t work effectively for particular clients. 

What I needed was a new perspective – new pairs of spectacles if you like – to enabling me to see client issues differently, whilst still honouring and embracing my key skills. In order to be more successful, get better results and earn more, I needed to understand where what I was trained to do fitted into a much bigger picture.

Those whom I have coached and mentored are applying these principles and models today and my own epic mentors, who are involved in an ongoing extensive 7-year research programme, and who continue to coach and mentor me, are applying them as well – all highly successfully. 

We have to start by challenging (and maybe shaking up a bit) the status quo and very likely taking you outside of your comfort zone. But please bear with me. 

Which perspective do you view the industry you work in and what you do?

If we don’t challenge and question, we don’t grow.