Total Proactive Integration – Introduction – The Exercise Perspective

I have talked a lot about Total Proactive Integration over the last 6 months in our Professional Facebook Group and we introduce some powerful Total Proactive Integration implementation models on our Discovery Day,

This is a crucial topic that is going to shape and define our industry over the coming years.

How do I know this?

Well, firstly I have been living and breathing the research, science and evidence building process for this for the last 7 years.

This dovetails with Caroline Finch’s (Principal Research Fellow at the School of Human Movement and Sports Sciences, University of Ballarat, Melbourne) beautiful and highly relevant “Translating Research into Injury Prevention Practice” framework (or TRIPP) that she published in 2006, that was developed on the back of seminal work by van Mechelen in 1992.

I have been implementing Total Proactive Integration myself for the last 4 – 5 years

And those on my coaching & mentoring programme are doing this TODAY and getting AMAZING results.

And results don’t lie.

Some are even planning brand new facilities that embrace Total Proactive Integration.

So here is one of my Total Proactive Integration Models.

It is where a fitness, exercise or movement professional develops truly joined up solutions with a Soft Tissue specialist (or vice versa) to offer a high-end service to clients whereby the very latest assessment knowledge, understanding and tools are used to establish what the right exercises or movements are for a client BEFORE a programme is designed for them.

As I say on my website …

If you could determine which exercises are right (and not right) for a client before you start working with them …

How powerful is THAT?

We know that using these techniques, clients are far less likely to struggle with exercise, far less likely to incur an injury and far MORE likely to succeed.

This is also a crucial component of my passion to change expectations in professionals and clients alike in terms of what is and is not possible, and who can and cannot do what in our industry.


Well, LOADS, and here is a list I pulled together – there are more, but this illustrates quite how powerful this pre-assessment phase is:

  • Any Stretching,
  • Any Conditioning,
  • Any Activation,
  • Running,
  • Squatting, Lunging or Stepping,
  • Single Leg Stance, Balance or Stability work,
  • Forward Flexion exercises,
  • Lateral Flexion exercises,
  • Pretty well ANY functional movement exercise,
  • Crunching, Bridging,
  • Straight-Leg Raises,
  • Thoracic Rotation exercises,
  • Core work, Balance Ball work,
  • Over-head (e.g. kettlebell) exercises.

Plus many more …

I am positive that there is something in the above list that you do with your clients on a regular basis.

And some of the above exercises might not be best right now for some of your clients. But it won’t be obvious from just watching them do them.


The human body is NOT linear and the more you try to force it into a linear system the harder and stronger it fights back, often deceiving us and sending us down the wrong path.

However, if you were able to ascertain which of the above exercises were best suited for a particular client along with which were definitely not best suited right now, BEFORE building your programme for them,

Your clients will be far less likely to struggle with the exercises, far less likely to incur an injury and far MORE likely to succeed. WIN-WIN-WIN.


Well, many can be performed by fitness, exercise & movement professionals with NO hands-on, soft tissue skills.

Some need some specialist hands-on, soft tissue skills.

But ALL of the tests and checks can be performed quickly, without removing clothes, in any gym or exercise studio.

Hence why Total Proactive Integration!

Kind of changes what we THINK soft tissue therapists can do yes?

And what PT’s, Pilates specialists and other fitness, exercise or movement professionals can do too!

Powerful eh?

Part 2 of this Blog can be found HERE
Simon – The Integrated Fitpro Coach

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