The Integrated Fitpro Coach

The Integrated Fitpro™ is proud to work in association with truly first-class, world-leading Professionals.

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Our elite, world-leading team is literally second to none. 

First and foremost everyone listed below gets what we are about and shares our passion 100%. If the fit is right, we undertake to train the truly exceptional, growth-minded Professionals who work with us to fantastically high standards.

It is a condition for those Professionals who come to work with us are not only exceptional and highly successful professionals in their own specialist field but that they have also been through our flagship full 1-2-1 Coaching & Mentoring Programme which tells us first and foremost that they honour themselves and their own personal growth. Our 1-2-1 Coaching & Mentoring Programme includes us working closely together with clients who have really complex and puzzling challenges, so we know that the Professionals we take on board are the very best out there.

They then commit to undertake a continual professional development programme with us, to not only keep themselves completely up-to-date but also so that they can offer their own clients the very best possible service.

This enables us to refer clients to these Professionals who we know extremely well and in whom we have 100% confidence and trust.

And in all honesty, I learn as much from these amazing Professionals as they learn from me. It becomes very much a learning partnership which is something that I love.

So you can be sure that anyone carrying our logo and listed below really is of the highest possible calibre.

Christina Chalmers is without doubt the finest Sports Therapist whom I have had the pleasure to meet and work with.

We met about 2 years ago at a conference and last year she approached me and asked to join my 1-2-1 Coaching & Mentoring Programme.

She absolutely gets what we are doing and embraces it totally in her own client clinics, one of which is within a private gym where Christina regularly integrates with the resident PT's to help their clients with exercise challenges.

Christina has worked professionally as a Sports Therapist at the Olympic Games in both London and Rio, is an excellent swimmer and skier and in a previous life was a gymnastics coach and equestrian rider, so she has a superb understanding of high level sports person from a mindset, a practical and a clinical biomechanics perspective.

Christina relishes helping sports people understand how they can improve their clinical biomechanics to improve their technique as well as helping them better understand their frustrating musculoskeletal challenges and injuries. She is thus a hugely valued member of our elite, world-leading team.

In Christina's own words:

Feeling inspired. This brings all the pieces of the jigsaw together and makes it all work so much better. It way beats everything I have ever done hands down. I am being challenged and stretched and this is pushing my capabilities conceptually, theoretically and practically further than I ever have before. This has massively improved my knowledge and understanding. And most importantly it has improved my patient outcomes! - I can't thank you enough for taking me on this journey.Christina Chalmers - Sports Therapist

Christina now helps me deliver key elements of our Fully Integrated Learning & Development Journey.


If you feel you have what it takes to join our team then your first action is to join Our Free Facebook Group and start engaging with us and with over 350 other Professionals just like you.