The human body is not linear and trying to understand the human body using linear systems very often takes us down the wrong path. The most successful fitness, exercise, physical and manual therapy professionals moving forwards will be those who embrace this uncomfortable reality, question everything they see, can proactively integrate across multiple disciplines AND who know how to effectively blend these crucial skills to deliver truly effective joined-up solutions for their clients.

Epic Professionals enjoying their Discovery Day
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So, What Will I Learn And How Will This Help Me?

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From our Fully Integrated Learning & Development Journey Page:

[Discovery Day Focus]

This is your "OK, I'm very interested, tell me more" opportunity where we encourage you to look at movement and muscle issues in a completely different way to achieve even better results, answering the perplexing question of "Why there is no such thing as tightness"In essence, exploring why the human body is not linear, why trying to apply linear systems and relying on what we can see or feel can cause us and our clients so much frustration and what you can do to solve this conundrum. We also provide a powerful introduction to fully integrated exercise, movement and manual therapy problem solving, the 3 dimensions and multiple layers of the biomechanical, biochemical and biopsychosocial models, along with an overview of our Total Proactive Integration Models, enabling you to decide if integration is a route that might work for you and how to start,

During your Discovery Day, we will guide you on a truly remarkable and groundbreaking experience that will help you to Understand how and why proactive integration across fitness, exercise, physical and manual therapy professionals is so vital to Solving many of THE most frustrating challenges that your clients come to YOU to sort out for them.

Such as: (but certainly not limited to)

  • Persistent tightness (e.g. hamstrings, hip flexors, piriformis or calf muscles)
  • Non-Firing (e.g. Glutes)
  • Reduced thoracic mobility
  • Common postural issues
  • Unable to do certain exercises correctly (e.g. stepping, lunging or squatting)
  • Experiencing pain during or after certain exercises (e.g. lower back or knee pain)

The first really important point to take on board is that ALL of the above are highly significant signs and we MUST pay close attention to them. They are happening for a reason and this reason is vitally important, albeit perhaps not for the reasons you are used to or have been taught previously!

So, on your Discovery Day we will start by:

  • Debunking a lot of common myths & misunderstandings
  • Taking you outside of your comfort zone
  • Challenging and re-framing some important things that you have learned previously about muscles and muscle issues
  • ALL founded on the very latest science, research and (most importantly) robust evidence-base
  • And ALL with a view to helping you serve YOUR clients in bigger ways
  • Ultimately enabling you to elevate YOUR business to new levels.

And then proceed to teach you:

  • The importance of asking and ascertaining "Exactly WHAT is causing THAT to happen and WHY? before intervening
  • Why some exercises work well for some people but not so well for others
  • Why some manual therapy interventions work well for some people but not so well for others
  • Why terms like Tightness, Weakness, Over-Active, Under-Active or Strong (amongst others) can sometimes totally deceive us
  • What to look out for AND
  • What YOU can do about these things
  • And HOW YOU can work proactively with other allied PT's, Pilates, Movement and Manual Therapy Professionals to help with the above questions and also to provide truly joined-up solutions for your clients.

We will begin the task of unraveling what is possibly going on and why things are (or are not happening), all based on the most up-to-date evidence.

Giving you the understanding and language to explain what is going to your clients.

And the confidence to know what to do yourself and in proactive integration with allied Professionals whom you might work with or alongside.

Enabling you to:

  • Obtain even better results than you do today
  • With A Unique Selling Point versus other Professionals in your gym, studio or area that will enable you to go out and get more clients
  • That you can serve in a bigger way
  • By solving complex challenges that may have been around for a long period of time, with no solution thus far, and
  • By explaining to your clients why they have been experiencing frustrating and persistent issues or challenges that other professionals have been unable to solve

Who Is Our Unique Discovery Day For?
If you question the world around you, you ask the questions no-one else dare ask, you allow yourself to be vulnerable by openly admitting when you don't know the answer, or that there might just be a better answer to the one you currently know and understand, possibly outside of your core disciplines ... without fear & without ego ... all to stand-out from the crowd ... and to get even better results for your clients ... then this experience is absolutely for you!

Our Discovery Day is for:

  • Level 3 (or above) qualified Personal Trainers
  • Level 3 (or above) qualified Pilates Specialists
  • Other Fitness, Exercise or Movement Professionals with a recognised Level 3 (or above) qualification
  • Level 3 (or above) Sports Massage Therapists
  • Degree-qualified Sports Therapists

And also extremely relevant and useful for:

  • Biomechanics Trainers™ or Biomechanics Coaches™ Looking To Learn The Very Latest Evidence-Based Information, designed to elevate your special knowledge and skills to connoisseur levels - the missing pieces of the jigsaw if you like!

But, most importantly, Professionals:

  • Who have a growth mindset,
  • Who are innately inquisitive and eager to learn
  • Who are totally open to new ways of looking at things you see day in day out,
  • And who want better results for themselves and for their clients.

If you feel that you have a relevant qualification that is not listed above then please just get in touch using the "Ask Us A Question" button at the bottom of the page or ask us on Facebook by joining our Facebook Group.

Professionals who will get the most out of the day include:

  • Professionals who want to grow and acknowledge that they need to look outside of their core discipline for crucial answers to common frustrating issues,
  • Professionals who have multiple "core" fitness, exercise, movement or physical/manual therapy disciplines and would like to understand how to integrate them effectively to achieve even better results,
  • Professionals who work with or alongside Professionals who have multiple "core" fitness, exercise, movement or physical/manual therapy disciplines and would like to understand how to integrate with them effectively to achieve even better results.

Why is this?

Because the very latest science into how the human body responds and reacts to our complex biopsychosocial environment is telling us very clearly that fitness, exercise, physical/manual therapy and movement/Pilates specialists ARE ALL needed in order to robustly solve over 90% of common exercise, postural, mobility and injury challenges.

Joined-up working is essential and is the way forward.

During the Discovery Day we introduce the rationale and evidence base to support this as well as presenting powerful tools and techniques for integrating in a proactive way, with truly joined-up solutions, rather than just using referral between Professionals.

How Does The Discovery Day Work?

Your Discovery Day will include:

  • A dedicated private Facebook Group for where all attendees will be added before the event so we can get to know each other, you can ask questions and where we can post pre-event information for you.
  • 1x Day of face-to-face coaching (10 am to ~4:30 pm) in a fantastic room overlooking the pitch, either in  the Members’ Pavilion or in the wonderful OCS Conference Centre at the famous home of Surrey County Cricket Club, The Kia Oval.
  • 1x Q&A Session to be arranged after the event

During your Discovery Day, you will get access to both myself and also to Christina Chalmers, an epic Sports Therapist who I have had the honour and privilege to coach 1-2-1 over the last 6 months. Christina has 2 clinics, one of which is co-located with a gym, where she helps the PT's with their clients, not only treating them when they get injured but also through observing when clients are unable to perform exercises correctly and maybe putting their bodies at risk.

Christina wrote recently "This has massively improved my knowledge and understanding. And has improved my patient outcomes! - I can't thank you enough for taking me on this journey".

So come and learn from somebody who has embraced this groundbreaking information and is already reaping the benefits.

The post-event Q&A Session will use the Zoom Online Coaching Platform - full details will be provided to you. Zoom is totally free for you to use and you do not need to have a Zoom account - you will receive a web link to click on OR a telephone number to dial. The Q&A will be recorded so that you can listen back to it whenever you like.

On your Coaching Day drinks and light refreshments will be provided. Lunch is NOT Provided but we will head out to a great lunch venue locally.

The Coaching Day is not a practical exercise day rather a day of open but challenging discussion across multiple disciplines. Please see the photos at the top of this page to see the environment and style of learning involved. However, we do introduce practical demonstrations where it makes sense and to aid the discussions.

For details about our next scheduled Discovery Days please click on the BIG RED BUTTON below to be taken to our Groundbreaking Free Facebook Group Membership Request page.

What Do Previous Attendees Have To Say?

Click on the ≣ button to read comments from our previous Discovery Day attendees.

Current Discovery Day Dates

Discovery Day's are normally every 2 months in London. Click on the ≣ button to see our currently planned dates.

OK, I'm Sold. What Do I Do Next?

Please note that the ONLY route to access The Integrated Fitpro Coach's professionally recognised Coaching & Mentoring Programmes including our ActiveiQ Endorsed "Get Even Better Results Discovery Day" is by joining our groundbreaking and totally free Professional Facebook Group.

The reason for this is that there is a lot of amazing free content in the Group that will give you a fantastic head start. We also like you to engage and ask questions on this content before booking on a Discovery Day, so YOU can ensure that this is the right personal development route for you and WE know your are totally on board with what we are doing and why.

I totally get that this training isn't for everybody - and that's absolutely fine.

If you are simply looking for some training to top-up your CPD points for the year, then with love this is not the right option for you.

If on the other hand you always put your clients first, you are happy to look outside of your core training for the best learning opportunities, you have a strong and innate desire to learn how to be even better at what you do by understanding why sometimes things you do with your clients work and sometimes they don't, what this means AND what you can do about it yourself and through proactively integrating with other allied professionals, elevating your business and your client results to totally new levels, then you are in for a wonderful journey with us!

If you have any questions that we have not answered above then please just get in touch using the "Ask Us A Question" button at the bottom of the page or ask us in the Facebook Group.

Which you can join by clicking on the BIG RED BUTTON below to be taken to our Membership Request page.