Why Exercises Sometimes Don’t Work Out As Planned – Part 1

“Why when I do something with a client that has worked successfully 100’s of times before, does it sometimes not work?”

We all know that exercises and movements sometimes don’t work out quite as planned, yes?

  • That tightness in the hamstrings (or elsewhere) just won’t go away, whatever you try!
  • Those glutes just won’t fire despite loads of activation and conditioning!
  • They just can’t get that correct squat! (or other functional movement pattern)
  • And loads of other examples I could list here …

Taking motivation and understanding out of the equation here, and despite best efforts by you and your client, some frustrating challenges just stick around.

Why is this?

In this blog series I hope to begin to explain what’s going on, why this happens and what you can do to assist.

The first really important point to take on board is that this is not YOUR fault!

A VERY high percentage of people in the western world (actually it’s as high as 97%!) have things (don’t worry, I’ll defined some of these in Part 2) going on INSIDE their bodies that cause these frustrating exercise and movement issues to occur.

The second really important point to take on board is that although these things are not your fault, they ARE things that need to be taken seriously.

And just continuing with your current strategies or increasing the speed, length or intensity of what you are currently doing is:

  1. Unlikely to solve such persistent challenges  and
  2. COULD be causing problems down the line.

I will be explaining the reasons for the above in this blog thread.

But for now, the golden rule is this:

If you are faced with PERSISTENT “tightness”, “weakness” (or other stubborn muscles not doing what they should be doing by design) OR PERSISTENT movement form issues that a client just cannot correct in what I term a “robust and sustainable” way,

Then STOP!   Change Strategy!

Do something different and don’t simply go harder, faster or longer. 

This is your first step on a really exciting journey to even better results and outcomes for your clients.

I’ll see you in Part 2 where I will begin to explain WHY this is.


Simon – The Integrated Fitpro Coach

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