The Integrated Fitpro Coach | Fully Integrated Learning & Development Journey
What’s It All About?
How Does It Work?
How Is It So Different?
Surely This Is Just Another Proprietary System, Yes?

Well Actually No, Absolutely Not!  But I totally get that this is what we are normally bombarded with so I invite you to read on to understand why I can confidently say that our Fully Integrated Learning & Development Journey is different ...

So many people have jumped on the band-wagon, produced "systems" and "methods", and then put their own (or a fancy) name to them.

The problem with this approach is that the human body is not linear and therefore cannot be subjected to "If you see this then do that to get this result" systems.

Anybody who tells you "their system never fails" or "their system always gives you the right (or even a consistent) answer each time" does not fully understand the non-linear nature of the human body!

What You See Is NOT What You Get!

The harder you try to understand and work with the human body using a linear system, the stronger and harder it will fight back!

You are a problem solver, Yes?

We coach all of our Facebook Group members and our students to "expect the unexpected" when it comes to the human body.

We give them the knowledge, understanding and tools to question everything, think through a problem, establish if what they are seeing is valid or whether they are being tricked and then adjust their analysis and intervention strategies accordingly.

Also, unlike a lot of the training in our industry, what we offer is 100% non-proprietary & 100% modality & discipline neutral. Hence why we can work successfully and effectively with Personal Trainers, Pilates Specialists, Soft Tissue Therapists, Sports Therapists, Physio's, Osteopaths and many others industry specialists.

Together, we help you develop a powerful, modality & discipline neutral understanding of the non-linear human body, furnishing you with a common language and common/complimentary toolset, which are crucial pillars of complex problem solving, as well as underpinning truly joined-up solutions and proactive integration between and across disciplines and modalities.

Our totally unique Professional Learning & Development Journey is built around a powerful new way of thinking & applying skills (your existing amazing skills plus some great new ones).

What we teach doesn't replace your existing skills but seamlessly integrates with them. This is why I can confidently say that our Fully Integrated Learning & Development Journey is different.

A way of thinking and applying skills that:

  • Will never be out of date,
  • Is soundly based upon the most up-to-date evidence-based science of the human body available today, evidence that is constantly updated so we can keep you updated as well,
  • And that understands that human body is not a linear system, so cannot be subjected to a linear "see this and do that to get this result" system or method.


Whether you are a fitness, exercise, movement, physical therapist or manual therapist, this game-changing journey will literally transform the way you serve your clients, enabling you to provide them with even greater value by solving ever more complex problems to deliver even better and longer-lived outcomes.

At the same time this approach breaks down many of the all-too-common perceptions around who can do what in our amazing industry.

And remember, the more value you provide to your clients, the more value they will see in what you are offering and the more they will pay.

Client's don't buy systems or qualifications they buy results!


We work with exceptional fitness, exercise, movement, physical therapy and manual therapy professionals.

But it’s not just about giving you new understanding, new knowledge and new skills like a lot of traditional training.

What’s important in the way we work is that we answer the question WHY is this information important from an exercise perspective, a movement perspective AND a manual therapy perspective, understanding how each professional fits in, the role each can (or even needs to) play to solve particular challenges and hence enabling true proactive integration.

Everything we do and the way we do it is designed to emphasise how each of the new skills you learn – at whatever level you choose to go to – can be fully integrated across fitness, exercise, movement, physical therapy and manual therapy AND crucially how to construct joined-up solutions across disciplines.

Why Is Coaching So Different To A Training Course?

On a training course, the information and skills are delivered in a uniform way to everyone in the room. The information is not tailored to YOU and YOUR very specific client and business needs.

Not only do we uniquely align our content and the way we coach based on your qualifications, your experience and your insurance.

It doesn't matter what training you have done, what kind of fitness, exercise or movement professional you are, or which physical-therapy or manual therapy discipline, modality, system or method you use right now, this journey will dovetail seamlessly and elevate what you already do so well today to new levels.

We also uniquely align our content and the way we coach with your client profile, the specific challenges your clients present to you, the way you work and also with your business, helping you to integrate your new knowledge and skills immediately and also leverage your new skills in the most effective way that works for you.

How many training course manuals and sets of hand-written notes do you have sitting on the shelf because you don't have the time to work out HOW to use the new skills you were taught to move you, your clients and your business forward in the way you want?

On our small group Coaching, we ensure that we have no more than 6 people at any session so we can give everyone personal attention, allowing us to tailor the content to your specific needs.

On our 1-2-1 Coaching Programmes, we come to you, we design the coaching sessions together and also include your own clients in the sessions, so we are solving real-life problems there and then, together.

No training course can deliver this level of personalised service.

Feeling inspired after my coaching session with Simon yesterday, and hungry to learn more! One thing I can say is learning this way beats everything I have ever done hands down! I am being challenged and stretched and pushing my capabilities conceptually, theoretically and practically further than I ever have before, on this magical journey and absolutely loving it! Thank you SimonChristina Chalmers - Sports Therapist

Have today finished my 3rd day of coaching. My head is still buzzing, and will be for quite a while I think! I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever about taking the plunge and taking the coaching. It has already changed the way I work so much, and will continue to do so as I start integrating today’s information into my work. You are a great team and thanks for everything!Sara Carr - Sports Massage Therapist

After attending your discovery day, I have to say it opened my eyes to so much logic that no other expert training or courses ever gave me insight to. It's helped me really asses myself and my clients in a true light and not one we are taught to believe for an average a-typical individual. Where everything else has failed, your insight has prevailed. Thanks so much for the opportunity.Mike Friend - Personal Trainer

Yesterday I attended a 'Discovery Day'. My mind was blown as the day evolved around how to consistently get people out of pain LONG TERM.. rather than continuously having clients coming in with tightness and stiffness ... Honestly it challenged everything i was taught in my STOTT Pilates training.. And I am now so much more aware of HOW muscles actually work and the most effective ways to get clients out of pain/stiffness/tightness.. This opened my eyes to how I can really truly make a permanent difference to my clients lives.. Ruth Simmonds - Pilates Specialist & Business Coach

So, What Will I Learn On This Journey?


We have a comprehensive PDF description of our Fully Integrated Learning & Development Journey that is available to you when you join our groundbreaking and totally free Professional Facebook Group - See below for how to do this.

The Journey is currently made up of 12 Learning Levels, the first of which is Our Facebook Group (Level 1).

However, as we say above, how you choose to navigate through the Levels, how far through the Levels is right for you, your experience, your client profile, allied with how you best learn (small group coaching, 1-2-1 coaching or a combination of these) and what you personally wish to achieve, are all things we can discuss and adapt around. This is the unique difference you get when you choose to learn with us.

At whatever Journey level you are at, whether you are just starting out in our Professional Facebook Group or whether you are excelling in the upper levels, to become A Go-To Professional or A Fully Integrated Problem-Solving Practitioner, we coach you to always Question, Analyse and Validate your findings BEFORE you Act. It's a never-ending cycle, that eventually becomes second nature.

Here is a summary of the content journey as a taster:

  • [Professional Facebook Group Focus] Your amazing journey starts here. Exploring why issues can be persistent or why things you are doing might not be working as well as you might expect and/or problems keep returning - Understand why this happens, why it is so significant and what you can do TODAY to improve exercise performance & improve soft tissue work effectiveness, to reduce injury risk. You will also be exposed to some exciting "Ah-Ha" and "OMG" moments. All totally free of charge!
  • [OK, I'm very interested, tell me more] Let us take you to Levels 2 or 3 on this magical journey where we invite you to look at movement and muscle issues in a completely different way to achieve even better results for your clients that you do today. We will explore perplexing questions such as "why there is no such thing as tightness! and why attaching Common Labels, applying Linear Systems and designing intervention strategies purely based on What We Can See or Feel can cause us and our clients so much frustration with things not working as we might expect and issues constantly returning. You get to really understand these conundrums and along the way we help you to solve some common and very real clients problems. As part of this process we will also provide a powerful introduction to fully integrated exercise, movement and manual therapy problem solving. This is your first step on a beautiful journey to Inspire, Influence and Educate your clients so they say "WOW!, No other Professional has ever explained so much or done so much for me before",
  • [Journey Levels 4 - 8] Over these journey levels we progressively introduce you to different and often frustrating problem solving scenarios and provide you with the understanding and tools to analyse what might be going on and then help you solve them. These levels can be tailored to any Level 3 (or higher) or appropriate Degree qualified exercise (e.g. PT), movement (e.g. Pilates) or Soft Tissue/Sports Therapy/Massage Therapy Professional. Many of the challenges we introduce you to will be commonly presented by many of your clients, however the analysis and approach we open your mind to will be new. Importantly, this involves comprehensive coaching AND ongoing mentoring, with us working closely together with you and with your own clients, so that the new way of thinking, new analysis skills and new tools become second nature, helping you to integrate your new understanding, knowledge and skills immediately and also leverage your new skills in the most effective way that works for you and your business. Remember, this is not a system, rather a new way of thinking and approaching the problems your clients come to you with and, most importantly, explaining things clearly to your clients - something that they will really thank you for.
  • [Journey Levels 9 - 12] These higher levels can be tailored to your qualifications, your experience and your insurance as we progressively introduce more advanced problems solving scenarios, understanding, skills and tools encompassing the 3 dimensions and multiple layers of the biomechanical, biochemical and biopsychosocial models. Crucially we introduce you to the vitally important concept of "The Primary Driver" because any given problem you are looking to solve may have it's primary driver in any of the above 3 dimensions. Tackling a problem in the wrong dimension - or in the wrong order - is the reason why common issues keep on returning and why clients (and professionals) can get really frustrated and form the opinion why things do not work for them. You understanding this concept and explaining it to your clients is very powerful.
  • The latter levels [9 - 12] are also where Team Coaching and Total Proactive Integration come into their own, as different professionals will naturally have different aptitudes, different specialisms and different interests. It is also at these levels where we tackle advanced Soft Tissue challenges, concepts and tools from industry movers and shapers such as my amazing mentor Jo Abbott, her mentor Diane Lee, Panjabi and others.

Everything we do and the way we do it is designed to emphasise how each of the new skills you learn – at whatever level you choose to go to - can be fully integrated across fitness, exercise, movement, physical therapy and manual therapy AND crucially how to construct joined-up solutions across these disciplines.

Hopefully this has given you a great introduction to the Journey you could be following very soon.

More information - including a comprehensive PDF description of our Fully Integrated Learning & Development Journey - is available via our Professional Facebook Group, which is your next step if you have found this whole idea intriguing, aligned with the way you think and work and you wish to start YOUR amazing and transformational personal journey into the Non-Linear Human Body.

OK, I Love What I Have Read, This Is So Different, What Do I Do Next?

The ONLY route to access our Fully Integrated Learning & Development Journey is by joining our groundbreaking and totally free Professional Facebook Group.

Actually, our Free Professional Facebook Group is the start for your journey. The reason we do things this way is that there is a lot of amazing free content in the Facebook Group that will give you a fantastic head start. The Group gives you access to over a year's worth of amazing content allowing you to see and experience our style and approach and hence decide if this is the right journey for you or not.

You will also be exposed to some exciting "Ah-Ha" and "OMG" moments - all totally free of charge.

We love you to engage and ask questions in the Facebook Group so YOU can ensure that this is the right personal development route for you and WE know you are totally on board with what we are doing and why, and how it has the potential to transform how you work and the results you get.

You can stay in the Facebook Group for as long as you like, watch what's going on, read our regular posts, learn some cool new stuff, download some amazing Ebook content, get a feel for what we are about and chat us and to the other 400+ Professionals in there, all totally free of charge.

I totally get that this approach isn't for everybody - and that's absolutely fine. If you are simply looking for some quick training to top-up your CPD points for the year, then, with love, this is not the right development option for you.

If on the other hand you always put your clients first, you are happy to look outside of your core training for the best learning opportunities, you have a strong and inbuilt desire to learn how to be even better at what you do by understanding why sometimes things you do with your clients work and sometimes they don't, what this means AND what you can do about this yourself and through proactively integrating with other allied professionals, elevating your business and your client results to totally new levels, then you are in for a wonderful journey with us!

Our entry-level training events, including our Daring to Lead Breakthrough Experience are accessible through the EVENTS section of the Group.

If you have any questions that we have not answered above then please just get in touch using the "Ask Us A Question" button at the bottom of the page or ask us in the Facebook Group once you've joined.

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