The Integrated Fitpro™ Is Proud To Present The Very First and ONLY Fully Integrated training, coaching & mentoring programmes across fitness, exercise, movement, manual therapy and rehab professionals - including for Biomechanics Coaches and Trainers - delivering truly systemic and joined-up learning, thinking and working.

As a result we are changing an entire industry - both delivery and consumption - by significantly improving professional business positioning and significantly elevating client outcomes and results through creating THE best problem-solving professionals in the World, Bar None.

So, What Does The Integrated Fitpro™ Offer And How Does This Work?

We offer both 1-2-1 and Gym, Studio and Clinic Team coaching. Why coaching and not training courses? Well, because we uniquely tailor our coaching programmes according to each individual or group we are working with. Because no professional is the same, no professional's clients are the same and no professional's business is the same.

So we not only give you groundbreaking new understanding, new skills and new tools - building on what you already do so brilliantly already, NOT replacing it - BUT unlike traditional training courses, we do this at your own premises AND we also help you implement your new skills into your business as well, assisting you with marketing ideas and also how to structure the use of your new skills with your clients. What's the point in learning new skills if you don't actually use them to grow, expand, charge more and get substantially better results?

Our Integrated Coaching In Action

Coaching In Action

We also provide unparalleled support and mentoring, both on your programme and beyond. We are beside you guiding you every step of the way and even include YOUR clients as part of the coaching, so you learn with REAL client issues.

Where Does The Integrated Fitpro™ Fit In?

Great question! OK, so when I was running my sports therapy clinic at a private gym I realised that to get the very best results for my clients, I needed the skills of the exercise professionals who worked there. I was also able to significantly improve THEIR results by working alongside THEM. It was the ultimate WIN-WIN-WIN. A WIN for me, a WIN for the exercise professionals and a WIN for the clients.

I then engaged with the very best in the industry who were undertaking groundbreaking research into integration and why it is so essential, which lead me to develop the models you see on this page and the ONLY Fully Integrated Fitness, Exercise, Movement and Physical/Manual Therapist Coaching Programme available anywhere, where we put Integration, Joined-Up Thinking and Joined-Up Working at the very heart of EVERYTHING we do.

Professional Integration Model 1 The Integrated Studio
Clinical Biomechanics

The science of 'clinical biomechanics' is telling us clearly that in order to effectively solve most frustrating and all-too-common exercise, movement and wider musculoskeletal issues - everything from the all-too-common persistently tight hamstrings and weak glutes through to complex back, knee and shoulder problems - Exercise, Movement and Manual Therapy professionals NEED to be thinking and working together in very specific ways (see the circle diagram next to this text) and not in isolation as tends to happen at the moment.

The Integrated Fitpro™ coaching team are really excited to present our Fully Integrated Learning & Development Coaching Programme designed to create the 'Next Generation' of exercise, movement, physical and manual therapy professionals, transforming how they think and work - together - powering industry change through the magic of integration.

Together we are breaking down the barriers that exist between industry professionals and disciplines for the betterment of our businesses and the betterment of our clients.

We are the ONLY training provider where exercise, movement and manual therapy professionals learn to build and deliver truly joined-up solutions to deliver a truly joined-up client journey.

And we are the ONLY training provider to deliver a common coaching programme across exercise, movement and manual therapy professionals, tailored specifically to your qualifications and insurance, your experience, your client profile and your business vision.

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