Do you absolutely love being a detective and solving complex body-working problems?

Peeling back the layers and getting under the covers of frustrating exercise, movement or musculoskeletal challenges to systematically work out precisely what's going on and why things are happening to help your clients?

Would you love to up-level your thinking, your understanding and your skills in this area to extraordinary new levels ...

Levels where you can solve problems and get results that other professionals simply do not understand, cannot believe and certainly cannot replicate?


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Why seamlessly integrating your skills is so powerful.

The 3 Pillars of skill integration and joined-up thinking and working.

How applying these 3 Pillars opens up brand new income streams through integration.

Exciting new layers of understanding - crucial 'Missing Pieces' of the human body jigsaw - that enable you to integrate your skills with your clients wherever you are and whatever you are doing with them.

How to design, build and deliver bespoke solution-focused programmes for your clients that will literally blow their minds.

How to shift your marketing and client acquisition mindset to naturally attract clients who really want a solution.

And how to charge these clients what you are truly worth to achieve the income you deserve.
We will augment where, when, how and with whom you can use your amazing combined skills, delivering HUGE benefits to you AND to your clients.
And ... We will actually get you seamlessly integrating your amazing skills, with YOUR clients, ON THIS PROGRAMME!

Think about it ... We cannot exercise or move without using our soft tissues.

How our soft tissues are (or are not) working 100% DEFINES how well we can exercise and move.

Therefore seamlessly combining your soft tissue knowledge and expertise with your exercise and movement knowledge and expertise, with the same clients, in the same session is just common sense.

However NO existing Personal Trainer, Pilates, Corrective Exercise, Sports Massage, Manual Therapy, Sports Therapy (or above) or Rehab training incorporates such comprehensive and essential integrated thinking and working.


On Our Groundbreaking 12-Week Small Group Coaching Programme:

The Integrated Advantage

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All live workshops will be conducted on the ZOOM Platform at the same time each week.

Programme Part 1 - Developing Your Integration Vision

Week 1. Introductions and Programme Orientation.  

Developing your 'Integration Vision'.

Week 2. What does "Integrating Skills" actually mean.?

Powerful yet simple shifts in the way you THINK about where, when, how and with whom you can use your amazing skills, so you can work differently to everyone else, powerfully setting you apart from your competition.

Week 3. The 3 Pillars Essential To Discipline Integration, Joined-Up Thinking And Joined-Up Working.  

And why the language we are all taught to use needs to be re-framed to allow us to better understand what is going on and why.

Programme Part 2 - Let's Get You Integrating!

Week 4.   Week 5.   Week 6.

Over these 3 powerful weeks we will actually get you integrating your multiple skills with your clients in the same session - using both your soft tissue AND your exercise and movement skills in some really exciting new ways. 

We will introduce some powerful new models, understanding and tools as well as presenting crucial pieces of the human musculoskeletal system 'jigsaw' - the missing links in current training - that are key to integrated thinking, integrated working and ultimately even better client results.

And Remember, Results Don't Lie!  Get better results than everyone else and you naturally stand out from your competition!

Programme Part 3 - Making your Results Work For You With Solution Journeys

Week 7. Client Solution Journeys.  

Constructing bespoke solution journeys for your clients using the skills acquired in weeks 4, 5 and 6, transforming the way your clients view what you do and how you do it. 

Week 8. Marketing Perspectives.  

How to shift your marketing and client acquisition thinking and processes to naturally attract clients wanting (and willing to pay for) a long term solution to their problem rather than short-term sticking plasters.

Week 9. Programme Pricing Perspectives.  

How to go about finally charging what you know you are truly worth, rather than watching your competition and pricing accordingly.

Programme Part 4 - Pulling Things Together (plus a surprise bonus)

Week 10. Surprise BONUS Content.  Presenting some brand new content from our flagship 1:1 Coaching Programme. 

Week 11. Pulling everything together.  Client case discussions and Q&A

Week 12. Wrap-Up Call.   What we've learnt, results so far and next steps.


1. Open access to all of your workshop recordings.

2. PLUS Open access to the other Programme members via a Private Messenger Group throughout your Programme.

3. PLUS Open access to Simon via email and the Private Messenger Group throughout your Programme.

4. PLUS A FREE 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with Simon after your programme is completed to see how you are getting on and to answer any questions.

5. PLUS Twelve-Months FREE MEMBERSHIP of Simon's VIP Inner Circle FB Group Worth £600 gaining access to Simon and his coaching team for a whole year. Group members also include Simon's private 1:1 coaching clients so you can collaborate and ask questions to continue your development and growth.

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What Some Of Our Amazing Clients Have To Say ...

How would YOU like registered healthcare professionals such as Physio's, Osteopaths and Chiropractors contacting YOU because you are achieving such amazing positive changes in your clients? See what Beth has to say here ...
How would YOU like all the pieces of the human body jigsaw to come together so beautifully for you so that YOUR client outcomes are massively improved? See what Christina has to see below ...
Natalie is a relatively new client. Read the impact that we have had on her in such a short space of time ...
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At this time of uncertainty, with loads of professionals all trying to get back to work at the same time, never has it more important to develop a real edge over your competition, so clients naturally choose YOU and also to be confident to charge what you are truly worth, so you can get your income levels back to (and hopefully beyond) pre-lockdown levels as quickly as possible.

If you are a manual therapy professional also blessed with a Personal Trainer, Pilates or other exercise or movement skillset,

You really are in a truly beautiful position.  I call it sitting on a goldmine!

But I am guessing you are not seamlessly integrating these skills with the same client in the same session right now?

I get told by many professionals in this wonderful position that they treat their exercise & movement business and their massage therapy business as separate entities, for different clients with different problems.

Am I right?

The Integration Advantage will take you on a 12-week journey of learning, discovery and enlightenment, with a small group of other likeminded professionals and with lots of personal attention and the HUGE outcome of actually getting you seamlessly integrating your skills ON THE PROGRAMME.

With some careful re-orientation and re-framing around the sheer power and huge potential of the skill combination you have in your armoury, you could:

  • Stand literally head and shoulders over your competition
  • Elevate your results to levels that others simply won’t understand or be able to compete with
  • Open the door to finally charging what you are truly worth without looking over your shoulder to see what everyone else is charging.

Why not jump on a video call with me to explore some truly amazing new possibilities?

You’ve already invested in 2 extremely powerful body working disciplines. You owe it to yourself, your business and your clients to maximise what these totally complementary skill sets can deliver when seamlessly integrated into your client sessions.

My passion is seeing professionals with these skillsets get monumental light-bulb moments when they realise precisely the gold-mine they are sitting on!

What's your passion?

I’d love you to experience these light-bulb moments too.

Click on the button below to book your call and explore just how far YOU can go by integrating your truly amazing skills.