Here at The Integrated FitproSimon and his amazing Team are passionate about building a truly global "Circle Of Excellence of Go-To Fitness, Exercise, Movement, Physical & Manual Therapy and Rehab Professionals" by transforming them from autonomous "Trainers" or "Practitioners" into World-Class Problem-Solving "Consultants" who are THE Best Problem-Solving Professionals in the World, Bar None!

Today, we are helping growth-minded Professionals just like you to:

  • Really connect with their clients in completely new and exciting ways,
  • Transforming the way they think about their challenges,
  • Seeing these challenges (ranging from all-too-common persistent tightness, weakness and movement issues through to knee, back and shoulder pain) through completely new sets of lenses,
  • And at the same time shifting their client's perceptions and understanding of who can do what for them,
  • Through applying 'Systemic Joined-Up Thinking' and embracing truly Joined-Up Working and Joined-Up solutions.

Your clients will say WOW! when you can clearly explain to them what's going on and why, often for the very first time.

And then proceed to take them on a magical journey to solve their frustrating, persistent problems, and at the same time achieve demonstrably more robust and longer-term results than any other professional they may have seen previously.

All within your scope of practice, level of experience and insurance.

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